Regardless whether you need a full batch of standard material or small quantities of a special grade – we are as flexible as your requirements!

Using our procurement options, we source demand for larger quantities directly with the steel mills. If a call-off agreement is required, we will take over intermediate stockholding and upfront financing for you. This, therefore, reliably guarantees just-in-time deliveries over an extended period.

Due to our wide Stock Range and contacts to supply partners holding stock in 12 different countries, we can serve almost any order at short notice. Within the industry we are renowned for procuring special sheet materials and special orders!

The following types and sizes of product are always available for delivery:

  • Board: min. 300 x 300 mm – max. 2,000 x 6,000 mm
  • Slit strip: min. 10 – max. 600 mm width
  • Coil: min. 600 – max. 2,000 mm width


This ensures coverage an extremely wide spectrum of potential applications and industry sectors.

Our customers cover a diverse range of industries and include manufacturers of the following products:

Air handling units, Office furniture, Containers, Stoves, Automobile parts, Clothes lockers, Electronic housings, Exhaust systems, Fans, Commercial roofing, Steel profiles, Suspended metal ceilings, Lifts, Road signs, Shop fittings, Formwork accessories, Roller shutters, Shelving systems, Transport containers, Agricultural machinery, Car trailers, Cooling systems, Control cabinets, Woodworking machinery, Heat exchangers, Window fittings, Sun protection systems, Air filters, Cavity floors, Fire doors, Truck body building, Garden tools, Air ducts, Building façades, Textile machinery, Domestic appliances, Agricultural dryers, etc.